Red Details
Animal ID:
Status: Looking for a home
Species: Adopted 2023
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 5 y.o
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Color: Red
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Location: Estonia
Adoption Price:
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About Red

Red is 5 year old mix breed pup with a Labrador retriever traits.

He wandered into one of the yards when he was only a couple of months old. Since then, he lived there until he moved to a boarding. Luck was not on his side as he was born in a place where dogs are not important to people so he had no chances to find a real home. All he could get was a chain on someone’s yard and no affection. For sweet Red it would mean sad and devastating existence.

Regardless of his homeless life and lack of interactions with humans Red is very kind to people, kids and other dogs. When he saw a couch for the first and only time and was allowed to use it, his eye lit up with bliss. Red will absolutely blossom in a right home!

He will feel most comfortable in a company of fewer dogs as he prefers quieter environment. He’d feel absolutely happy if he was the only dog in a family with no kids or with an older respectful kids.

Red acts careful with new people until he is certain they bring no danger to him.

He is moderately active, loves being outside and exploring the world around, yet he’ll feel very content and happy on his doggy bed next to his beloved human.

He is ok on a  leash and knows to take his business outside.

Red is very a deserving boy and will be forever grateful if you can give him a gift of having a real loving home.

Red is fully vaccinated, neutered and healthy.