Rocker Details
Animal ID:
Species: Hold
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 4 y.o.
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Intake Date:
Adoption Price:
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About Rocker

Rocker was very sick and could not walk when he was found by a kind young woman. At first, they thought he got into a bear trap, and bit off his leg in order to set himself free. But further examination revealed that the injury was a result of torture. His leg appears to have been cut off by a human, and the fingers on his other front leg had also been cut off, one by one. One of his ears has been cut off as well.  Rocker clearly did not receive any professional care for his wounds – they were poorly healed and all of the wounds had to be treated. His stump had to be operated on, as it was infected.

We will never know what happened to him, and who is to blame for this atrocity, but it was not surprising that Rocker was initially scared of people. He is a big, strong boy, but when he first got to the shelter, and anyone entered his kennel, he would cower in the corner and often pee from fear.  Poor boy was terrified. It took a long time to heal and to learn to walk again. It was painful, uncomfortable, and very scary…

Dogs are creatures who know how to love and forgive. Over time, Rocker healed and learned to trust again. He learned that people can be kind, and are not always a source of pain. He grew to love interacting with humans, go for walks, and get his pets and treats. He lives in a dog house, right by the gate, and happily greats every shelter visitor and friend. Although he is a big boy, Rocker is gentle, affectionate, and kind. He is only 4, and we hope we can give him a chance to belong and be loved.