Uta Details
Animal ID:
Status: July 2 Flight to JFK
Species: Adopted 2021
Breed: GSD MIX
Age: 1 y.o
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Color: Black and Tan
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Adoption Price: 650
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About Uta
We are looking for a family that will not give up this sweet dog that was betrayed once before.
Her name is Uta, and she is 1 years old. Uta was adopted as a 2 month old puppy. In just a few months they betrayed their dog …. It was an ordinary everyday betrayal – they brought her over, passed on the leash, turned around and left in silence, not looking back.. “She does not bring emotions” they said.
Perhaps, the times have come that we need to be grateful for betrayal. So, yes!! thank you for not tossing her out of the car in remote area! Thank you for not killing her! The world has gone mad.
And Uta… Uta has no issues with emotional closeness – she cried, she missed them, she would not believe that she was simply given up as an ordinary thing. Like furniture, like a read book .. Uta was dropped off without toys, food, and with an expired vaccination in her passport. By humans with no soul.
Uta..a friend that you have dreamed of.. Loyal and passionate, playful and energetic, not too hyper – she is just a curious girl who loves life and world around her. She didn’t lose her trust in people. She is a friend that will never betray YOU.
Uta is housebroken and knows some basic commands. She is healthy, spayed and fully vaccinated.
If you like to give Uta a loving home please fill out an application.