Vinny Details
Animal ID:
Species: Adopted 2022
Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
Age: 4 mo
Gender: Male
Color: Liver and white
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Location: NJ
Adoption Price: 950
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About Vinny

Vinny is a product of an inhumane Amish puppy mill. 

His parents were kept in cages where they could barely move until they got to the stage of reproduction. They were used over and over again. Mom nursed her pups until it was time to sell them for high profit and was returned back to the same filthy world of daily suffering. 

Vinny was different from the beginning. His head was too big, his eyes were too blue. This little pup was a runt of the litter, not gaining weight quickly enough. He had no place in this world and his fate was set – this puppy mill decided to kill him. 

But it wasn’t in Vinny’s stars. 

He wasn’t dismissed as an unwanted unneeded waste! 

He lived to tell a story of thousands of pups and adult dogs who are being exploited by human greed! 

Vinny was rescued by a good Samaritan, who placed him in the caring hands of a woman who nurtured Vinny back to a proud standing German Shorthaired Pointer. His body grew to be proportional to his head’s size, his eyes cleared, he gained much needed weight and blossomed. 

Now he is a vibrant 4 mo old pup, who is lovely and loves human attention! 

As all puppies of this breed, Vinny has constant supply of energy and a profound desire to be by his human’s side.  He is also a King of cuddles! 

Vinny is up to date on vaccinations. He is not neutered, given his young age. He would benefit from professional training, given his breed, his age, and energy levels. Given love, training and plenty of exercise would assure that Vinny becomes your perfect companion.

He is looking for a young, active family that spends a lot of time outdoors, knows and appreciates the breed to share their warm home and love with him. 

Do you have a dog? Even better! He/she will have cousin Vinny! 

If you feel that you found your pup, and can provide Vinny’s with what he needs and deserves, please apply below.

Ideal home:

Suburbs, fenced in yard, close proximity to water.