Waltz Details
Animal ID:
Status: Available for Adoption
Species: Adopted 2021
Breed: Golden Retriever and Collie Mix
Age: 5 years
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Color: Beige
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date: N/A
Location: PA
Adoption Price: $600.00
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About Waltz

ON TRIAL 2/10/21

Waltz is a Retriever Collie Mix. He especially adores tall men and while he is good with all adults, there is a special place in his heart for such men. He might pick a leader in the home and devote himself to him/her and even protect that person from other adults. That being said, Waltz would prefer a single owner.
He is enthusiastic to adventure outdoors with you and loves a good walk a couple of times a day. He likes to hike with his humans and clearly likes to explore new places! AND he is happy to lay next to your chair while you work from home all day long, just snoozing nearby for a majority of the day.  A great companion for these long days at home…he is a steady workmate and a great reason for you to get outside too! A great companion for these long days at home…he is a steady workmate and a great reason for you to get outside too!
Waltz was taught to stay out of the kitchen. You can cook a whole meal and he will sit patiently by the entrance, just overseeing things, but never getting in the way! He will also sit and wait for his meals.

Waltz is crate trained.  He uses his crate for naps on his own and sleeps in his crate at night.  The kennel has never been used as a consequence and he enjoys that time and space and sees this as a positive space. He knows the command “kennel up”.
Waltz is absolutely housetrained.  He has NEVER had an accident at the home.  He has really good bladder control and only on occasion will bark to let you know he needed to go out.  He is used to walks two or three times a day.
He likes soft squishy things.  He also gets excited to meet new humans and does jump up.  He is not trying to be aggressive in these moments – it is pure excitement.
Waltz is good with visiting kids but prefers a home without small children and cats. He respects female dogs smaller in size but gets edgy in the company of male dogs of the same size or bigger. He took several training sessions and responded very well with the trainers and at home.  He wants to learn and please you! With further socialization, he would be good with other dogs of all kinds.

Waltz will be an ideal companion for a single adult (with teenage kid) household.

Waltz is approx.5 years old. Weighs about 40lb, and is 17″ at the withers.
Healthy, neutered, vaccinated.
We give 2 weeks trial before the adoption is finalized
Foster to adopt option is also available.
Application and adoption fees apply.